e-PHA 203-1: Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Best Practices

COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                                 DURATION: 1 Day, 9AM-4PM

The objective of this course is to provide a better understanding of the importance of certain aspects of PHA facilitation and the best practices that should be used during a PHA study. Using these best practices will reduce time, confusion and quality of the PHA.


  • Learn to organize and effectively and efficiently lead and document PHA studies in accordance with local regulatory and industry “best practices”.
  • Learn the techniques and mechanics that help ensure a successful study.


  • Engineers
  • PSM Coordinators/Managers
  • Plant Management
  • Operations & Maintenance Personnel
  • Others responsible for leading PHA studies


Section 1: PSM Regulatory Overview

  • Incidents Pre-PSM
  • PSM Implementation
  • PSM PHA Citations
  • Regulatory Requirements for PHA

Section 2: PHA Best Practices – Preparation

  • PHA Best Practices: Scheduling and Logistics
  • PHA Best Practices: Process Safety Information
  • PHA Hazard Register
  • PHA Revalidation Team
  • PHA Revalidation: Re-Do versus Review
  • Choosing the Appropriate PHA Methodology

Section 3: PHA Best Practices – Execution

  • PHA Best Practices: Assumptions
  • PHA Best Practices: HAZOP Deviations
  • PHA Best Practices: HAZOP Node Preparation
  • PHA Best Practices: Documentation
  • PHA Best Practices: OSHA NEP Citations
  • PHA Best Practices: Reports

Section 4: PHA Best Practices – Post Work

  • PHA Best Practices: Reports

Section 5: Wrap Up