PSRG e-Training

PSRG’s Center for Process Safety Training is dedicated to providing customized, superior quality, cost effective solutions to your process risk management and training needs. Our expert instructors give you the skills and knowledge to manage process risks and show you how to continuously make your facilities and operations more safe and reliable. Due to COVID pandemic, PSRG training courses are now available online.

e-Training BENEFITS:

Reduce travel; attend from home
LIVE instructor-led training sessions
Quizzes/live polling
Interactive course exercises with personal feedback
Downloadable digital copies of course lessons and other supporting materials
Certificate of attendance, includes awarding of Professional Development Hours (PDH)

To register for any of the e-Training courses, click on the time zone links below and complete the following registration forms for the respective time-zones. Once completed, send it by email to PSRG at

**NEW** Talent [LMS] Training benefits:

Modular based training
Attend anywhere, self-paced
Interactive course exercises with personal feedback
Certificate of attendance
Includes Professional Development Hours (PDH)
LIVE trainer during workshops and Q&A sessions

Discounts are available if you registered for 2+ e-Training or Talent [LMS] courses. For groups of six or more from the same organization, e-Training materials, language and timezones can be customized. More information on our training courses can be found in our PSRG Training Catalog.

For more information, please contact us at

Please find listed below the scheduled global e-Training courses.

e-Training CoursesDurations (Days)GMT+08:00
ASEAN Common Time, Singapore Time
Central Standard Time - North AmericaLatin America, Bogotá, Lima, Quito Time (In Spanish)
[LMS] e-PSM 101: Overview of Process Safety Management (PSM)1Nov 13Nov 16

Dec 10

Nov 17
e-PSM 107: Introduction to Management of Change for Process Safety(MOC)1Oct 6

Nov 17

Dec 7Nov 11
e-PHA 203-1: PHA Best Practices1Oct 8

Nov 18

Oct 20

Dec 14

Nov 10

Dec 15

[LMS] e-PHA 203-3: PHA Team Leader4Oct 20-23

Nov 24-27

Oct 12-15

Dec 14-17

Nov 2-5
[LMS] e-LOPA 104: Introduction & Workshop to Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)2Oct 13-14

Nov 19-20

Oct 15-16

Dec 18-19

Oct 28-29

Nov 17-18

e-DHA 204: Introduction & Workshop to Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)2Oct 15-16

Dec 1-2

Nov 9-10Dec 2-3
e-PSM 311: Introduction & Workshop to BowTie Analysis2Oct 20-21

Dec 3-4

Nov 2-3

Dec 8-9

Nov 4-5
e-ISD 315: Introduction to Inherently Safer Design1Oct 27

Dec 7

Oct 21

Nov 11

Nov 5
e-PSM 106: Mechanical Integrity – Introduction, Implementation, RAGAGEPs and Risk Based Inspection2Nov 11-12

Dec 8-9

Oct 22-23

Dec 7-8

Oct 19-20

Nov 25-26

e-PSM 312: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis2Oct 28-29Nov 16-17

Dec 15-16

Nov 18-19

Dec 7-8

e-PSM 113: Human Error Analysis and Human Factors1Oct 30Dec 3Dec 2
[LMS] e-PSM 309 Facility Siting2Nov 3-4Dec 1-2Dec 28-29
e-PSM 105: Auditing for Process Safety Management2Dec 17-18Dec 7-8Dec 2-3
e-PSM 220: Overpressure Relief and Flare Analysis3Nov 10-12Dec 14-16Dec 1-3