RMP Reconsideration Final Rule

Notice of RMP Reconsideration Final Rule!

On November 20, 2019, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed the Risk Management Program (RMP) Reconsideration final rule, which modifies and improves the existing rule to remove burdensome, costly, unnecessary amendments while maintaining appropriate protections and ensuring first responders have access to all of the necessary safety information. This rule also resolves important security concerns. Final effective rule date is December 2019.

The RMP Reconsideration final rule:  

  • Rescinds all major accident prevention program provisions of the RMP Amendments rule (i.e., third party audits, safer technology and alternatives analyses, incident investigation root cause analysis), and most other minor changes to the prevention program.  
  • Rescinds the public information availability provisions of the RMP Amendments rule. 
  • Retains the requirement to hold a public meeting within 90 days after an accident, but only applies the requirement to accidents with offsite impacts. 
  • Modifies the emergency coordination provisions to address security concerns with the Amendments rule coordination provisions.  
  • Modifies the exercise provisions to give more flexibility to regulated facilities and local emergency responders in complying with these provisions.  
  • Modifies some compliance dates to provide necessary time for program changes. 

Example: Facility with most recent RMP re-submission date of June 2020 

RMP Reconsideration Final Rule Fact Sheet

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