January Cold Weather Safety Month

During the winter months depending on where you work in North America you need to prepare for some temped weather.

If you live north of the Gulf of Mexico, you need to layer your clothing and preferably wear cottons.  If you live south of Atlanta, Georgia, you may have cold mornings and warm afternoons.  Again dress in layers.  It takes a little common sense to prepare yourself for snow and ice .vs. frost on your windshields and 50’/60’ temps in the afternoons. Either way, you may pack a Carhartt jacket, bibs or a vest, sweatshirt and a turtleneck.  Some sets of socks and gloves, in case for some reason yours get wet (depending on what your job assignment is).  Don’t forget your boots, maybe a second pair.  In Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, we wear rubber boots over our steel or composite boots at the plants just to keep our soles off the ice on the grounds depending on the temperatures.  We wear down coats and/or oil skin dusters for the winds and freezing rains.  It pays to keep a cold weather gear pack with you or in your vehicle.

You need to keep a close eye on wind chills and temperatures so that you don’t get exposed to frostbite, and keep the blood circulating in all your fingers and toes.

Another thing we need to consider when cold weather comes is:  we tend to warm our buildings, garages, pole barns, sheds, plywood shacks with portable heaters that are fueled with propane’s and other combustibles.  We have to remember to vent for carbon monoxides as this can build up and become fatal to workers.  Remember the proper storage and placement of these containers and the protection of their valves, hoses, etc.  Keep your guard up to prevent cold weather injury.

Let’s have a good safe month and return home each day like we left; if not better!

Acknowledgements to:http://safetypaul.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30:sample-4&catid=1:safety-topics&Itemid=14