PSRG China Training Schedule 2019

Please find listed below the scheduled courses for Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. To register for any of the training courses please complete the PSRG Training Registration Form 2019 and send it by email to PSRG at or fax at +65 6914 9001.

Discounts are available for two or more registrations from the same organization at any of the following courses. For groups of four or more from the same facility, we can customize and perform the training on-site. More information on our training courses can be found in our PSRG Training Catalog 2019.

For more information please contact us at  or at +65 6914 7709.

Training CourseDurationBeijingShanghaiGuangzhou
PSM 101: 制定有效的过程安全管理体系2 天Dec 5-6Nov 6-7Oct 7-8
PSM 101: Developing an Effective Process Safety Management (PSM) System2 Days
PHA 203: 过程危害分析领导培训4 天Dec 9-12Nov 12-15Dec 2-5
PHA 203: PHA Team Leader Training4 Days
LOPA 104: 保护层分析3 天Nov 27-29Dec 16-18Oct 14-16
LOPA 104: Layer of Protection Analysis3 Days
PSM 105: 过程安全管理审计2 天Nov 21-22Dec 2-3Oct 10-11
PSM 105: Auditing for Process Safety Management2 Days
PSM 106: 过程安全的机械完整性及良好工程规范3 天Nov 13-15Nov 18-20Oct 21-23
PSM 106: Mechanical Integrity and RAGAGEPs for Process Safety Management3 Days
PSM 107: 过程安全变更管理2 天Nov 7-8Dec 9-10Oct 28-29
PSM 107: Management of Change for Process Safety2 Days
PSM 108: 事故调查2 天Oct 28-29Dec 11-12Oct 31-Nov 1
PSM 108: Incident Investigation2 Days
PSM 309: 厂房布局分析2 天Oct 24-25Nov 28-29Nov 4-5
PSM 309: Facility Siting2 Days
PSM 113: 人为错误分析及人为因素1 天Nov 11Dec 13Oct 18
PSM 113: Human Error Analysis and Human Factor1 Day
PSM 311: 领结分析技术2 天Oct 10-11Dec 4-5Nov 11-12
PSM 311: Bow-Tie Analysis2 Days
315: 厂房布局分析2 天Oct 22-23Dec 9-10Nov 14-15
PSM 315: Inherently Safer Design2 Days
PSM 216: 定量风险评估3 天Nov 4-6Dec 11-13Nov 18-20
PSM 216: Quantitative Risk Assessment3 Days
PSM 220: 安全阀及火炬设计3 天Dec 2-4Nov 16-18Nov 25-27
PSM 220: Overpressure Relief and Flare Design3 Days
粉尘危害分析2 天Nov 7-8Nov 19-20Dec 2-3
Dust Hazard Analysis2 Days