Training 2019

PSRG Center for Process Safety Training is dedicated to providing customized, superior quality, cost effective solutions to your process risk management and training needs. Our expert instructors give you the skills and knowledge to manage process risks and show you how to continuously make your facilities and operations more safe and reliable. Please find a copy of our current PSRG Training Catalog 2019.

For the complete Training Schedule for 2019 by location please follow the relevant links below:

PSRG USA Training Schedule (Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago and New Orleans)

PSRG Asia-Pacific Training Schedule (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam)

PSRG India Training Schedule (Mumbai)

PSRG China Training Schedule (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou)

PSRG Latin America Training Schedule (Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador)

PSRG EMEA Training Schedule (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates)

For more information please contact us at or at +1 800 250 8511.

PSRG PSM training topics include: