Manage your most complex process hazards with PSRG's deep-dive approach. Expert consultants combine technical and management expertise to tailor safety solutions for long-term success. See how we can help and explore our services below:

Process Hazard Analysis

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Facility Siting

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Mechanical Integrity

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Incident Investigation

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Dust Hazard Analysis

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Overpressure Relief Systems and Flare Analysis

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

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About PSRG

PSRG is a leading global consulting and training firm specializing in integrated Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) solutions. PSRG isn’t just an HSSE firm, it’s your trusted global partner. Since 1997, our 100+ seasoned experts, averaging 29+ years in the field, have empowered 1000+ clients in 98 countries to achieve operational excellence while safeguarding people, assets, and the environment. As a full-service firm, we specialize in Process Safety, Risk Management, Fire Protection, Emergency and Crisis Management, and Security Risk Management. Our mission is to provide you with the finest quality, responsive, and reliable solutions that are not only effective but also cost-efficient.


Empower Your Team with Process Safety Training

PSRG’s Center for Process Safety Training equips your workforce with the critical skills and knowledge to effectively manage process risks and achieve safer, more reliable operations. We offer a comprehensive suite of training solutions designed to fit your specific needs and budget.

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