Escape Room! Management of Change Demonstration

Supercharge Your PSM Knowledge with the Management of Change Escape Room Game!

Ready to take your Process Safety Management (PSM) training to the next level? Look no further than our innovative Management of Change (MOC) Escape Room Game! This isn’t your typical classroom lecture. We’ve gamified education to create an engaging and informative experience for PSM managers, coordinators, engineers, and anyone involved in process change decisions.

Why an Escape Room for PSM Training?

Traditional training can be dry and forgettable. Our escape room format throws you into a simulated scenario where you must apply your MOC knowledge to escape a virtual challenge. This immersive experience:

  • Boosts Engagement: Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Escape rooms keep participants actively involved, fostering teamwork and critical thinking.
  • Reinforces Learning: By applying concepts in a practical setting, participants solidify their understanding of MOC procedures.
  • Improves Retention: Learning through an interactive game makes information more memorable than passive lectures.

What You’ll Learn in the MOC Escape Room Game

This escape room acts as a demonstration for the full MOC training course we offer. The game condenses key lessons from the course into a fun and challenging activity. Here’s a taste of what you’ll encounter:

  • MOC Fundamentals: The game reinforces the core principles of MOC, ensuring participants understand the “why” behind the process.
  • Identifying & Managing Change: Participants will learn to recognize different types of process changes and how to navigate the MOC procedures for each.
  • Collaboration & Communication: Working together to solve puzzles emphasizes the importance of teamwork in successful MOC implementation.

The Full MOC Training Course

Our comprehensive MOC training course delves deeper into the critical aspects of managing process changes safely. This course covers:

  • Compliance with Regulations: Understand the requirements of OSHA’s PSM Standard and EPA’s RMP Rule regarding MOC.
  • Change Recognition and Initiation: Learn how to identify changes that require MOC and initiate the proper procedures.
  • Review, Approval, and Implementation: Gain insights into the MOC review process, approval steps, and safe implementation strategies.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: The course clarifies the roles and responsibilities of various personnel involved in MOC.
  • MOC Forms and Documentation: Master the use of essential forms and documentation for a smooth MOC process.
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR): Explore the PSSR process, a crucial step following MOC implementation.

Level Up Your PSM Expertise!

Ready to gamify your learning and become an MOC pro? Contact us today to learn more about our MOC Escape Room Game and comprehensive training course. We can also create customized courses to fit your organization’s specific needs. Let’s keep your workforce safe and ensure efficient management of process changes!

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