e-PSM 106: Mechanical Integrity – Introduction, Implementation, RAGAGEPs and Risk Based Inspection

Duration: 2 DAY, 9 AM-4 PM

Course Description

Part 1 on Introduction and Implementation: This course describes what Mechanical Integrity is and ways to implement a MI program. A well implemented MI program will ensure OSHA PSM compliance while providing maintenance, integrity, reliability of safety critical process equipment.

Part 2 on RAGAGEPs and Risk Based Inspection: This course covers codes and standards to meet Recognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEPs) for PSM covered equipment. The course also describes maintenance program types with the goal of establishing a Risk Based Inspection MI program. Finally the course defines what Risk Based Inspection means, its benefits, and its implementation.

Course Benefits

  • Learn how to interpret the “performance based” OSHA PSM regulation as it pertains to mechanical integrity, and, learn to set up a MI program that will comply with the regulation.
  • Learn how to develop and implement a new MI program, or, improve an existing MI program.
  • Learn what RAGAGEPs are.
  • Comprehensive listing of pertinent RAGAGEPs
  • Risk Based Inspection defined and its implementation

Who should attend

  • PSM Managers and Coordinators
  • Process Safety and Mechanical Engineers
  • Anyone who needs to develop a MI program, or, improve their existing program


  • A background in engineering, operations, and/or maintenance

Course Content and Agenda

Part 1:

  • Introduction and Motivation to/for MI
  • MI Related Incidents
  • Regulatory Requirements of MI
  • MI Relationship with other PSM Elements
  • Mechanical Integrity System
  • Establishing a Mechanical Integrity Program
  • Creating an Inventory of all Major Pieces of Equipment
  • Determining Specific Inspections and Tests for Equipment
  • Develop Plan for ITPM Execution
  • Establish Training Procedure for Maintenance Personnel
  • Establish Requirements for Quality Assurance

Part 2:

  • Overview of RAGAGEPs
  • Types of Equipment to Include in MI Program
  • Damage Mechanisms
  • MI Procedures
  • Deficiencies
  • MI Quality Assurance
  • Types of Maintenance
  • Inspection Types
  • Fitness for Service
  • Risk Based Inspections
  • Review of OSHA NEP Citations