e-PSM 107: Introduction to Management of Change for Process Safety (MOC)

DURATION: 7 Hours, 9AM-4PM

This course provides an understanding of a key element of Process Safety Management (PSM), Management of Change (MOC), covered under the U.S. Occupational & Safety Administration (OSHA) PSM Standard, 29 CFR1910.119. MOC is performed to ensure that any changes made to a process are reviewed and the hazards introduced by the change are identified, analyzed, and controlled before resuming the operation in a chemical processing facility. MOC is required for:

  1. Changes in technology
  2. Changes to equipment
  3. Changes to procedures
  4. Changes to organization

In this course, the participants will learn, with case studies and practical examples, how to recognize, initiate, review, and implement a change. They will also learn about the roles and responsibilities and the forms used for the MOC process. Further, the course will give an overview of the Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) process and guidelines to establish and manage successfully the MOC/PSSR program.


  • Learn how even simple changes could lead to incidents through case studies
  • Learn how to establish and manage a PSM compliant MOC/PSSR program
  • Learn how to develop a new MOC program or review and audit an existing one


  • PSM Managers and Coordinators
  • Process, Safety and Mechanical Engineers
  • Any other personnel who participate in decisions on process changes


  • Introduction
  • Regulatory Requirements for MOC and PSSR
  • Recognizing Changes
  • Types of Changes (Replacement-in-Kind, Non-Like Changes)
  • Reviewing Hazards
  • Implementing a Change
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • PSSR
  • Examples of MOC Process and PSSR
  • Management Systems for Managing Change
  • Designing and Developing a MOC Program
  • Auditing MOC Program
  • Personnel Roles and Responsibilities
  • Temporary MOCs
  • Emergency MOCs
  • Interface with Other Facility Programs
  • Elements of a MOC Program
  • Implementation Guidelines
  • Sample MOC Checklists/Flowchart