Hybrid e-Training Schedule

Hybrid (On-Demand + LIVE Instructor e-Training CoursesDurationsGMT+08:00
ASEAN Common Time, Singapore Time
Central Standard Time - North AmericaLatin America, Bogotá, Lima, Quito Time (In Spanish) British Summer Time
e-LOPA 104: Introduction & Workshop to Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)7 hr on TalentLMS
+ 1 Day LIVE e-Training
Nov 3Oct 12Sep 25Aug 30
e-PHA 203-3: PHA Team Leader21 hr on TalentLMS
+1 Day LIVE e-Training
Nov 2Oct 11Sep 26Aug 23
e-PSM 311: Introduction & Workshop to BowTie Analysis7 hr on TalentLMS
+ 1/2 Day
Nov 8 Sep 13Sep 7Aug 2
e-DHA 204: Introduction & Workshop to Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)7 hr on TalentLMS
+ 1 Day LIVE e-Training
Nov 4Oct 24Sep 12Aug 4

PSRG can conduct customized training for 4+ people from the same organization.

For registration courses in Spanish, please register 2 weeks in advance prior to the training date.

Please reach out to training@psrg.com for more information.