Industry Partner: CGE Risk Management Solutions

PSRG is delighted to announce their partnership with CGE Risk Management Solutions.  CGE is a market leader in “barrier based risk management-solutions”, helping companies all over the world to improve their operations by visually communicating and managing enterprise and operational risks with BowTieXP. Their products AuditXP and IncidentXP also enable the user to actively monitor controls and improve learning from incidents. With the latest addition to their product portfolio, BowTieServer, it’s even possible to solve some of the harder problems in risk management. For example the useful aggregation of risks, tracking barrier performance over time and getting reports off the shelf and into the organization.

Supported by 50+ consultancy partners like PSRG globally, CGE Risk Management successfully serves 1250+ clients in industries ranging from high hazard industries to financial institutions. Working in close cooperation with several industry leading clients, universities, regulators and governmental bodies worldwide, CGE Risk Management Solutions constantly focuses on developing new concepts into practical software solutions.

To find out more please watch a short, informative presentation here and contact PSRG at as we would be happy to provide a demonstration for your team!

CGE Risk Management Solutions
Vlietweg 17v
2266 KA Leidschendam
The Netherlands
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