e-PHA 203-3: PHA Team Leader

21 hours self-paced via TalentLMS
1 Day with LIVE trainer 9AM-4PM

PSRG is using hybrid learning for PHA Team Leader via TalentLMS platform. You will go through modules that each followed by a 2-3 question quiz for reinforcement. The system requires that each module be completed and the interim quizzes be passed before moving on to the next module. Upon completing the modules there is a scheduled live question and answer session, workshops, and exercises with PSRG’s trainer. Those are followed by a graded quiz online and issue of a certificate once you pass the final quiz.

This course teaches process hazard analysis (PHA) techniques and prepares each participant to lead teams and effectively perform and document PHA and other hazard/risk management studies. The participants will learn to organize and lead process hazard analysis studies using the HAZOP, “What-If” and other techniques. Participants will discover the tactics and success factors that help ensure a successful study. They will also learn about and use software available for documenting PHA studies. In addition, this course provides a better understanding of the importance of certain aspects of PHA facilitation and the best practices that should be used during a PHA study. Using these best practices will reduce time, confusion and quality of the PHA. This course will also highlight the “dos and don’ts” in a PHA study.  The teachings of the course will be demonstrated practically by the participants forming a study team with other participants and taking turns leading a team utilizing practical exercises based on actual plant examples.  These exercises will be supervised by an instructor who will give feedback on team’s performance.


  • Learn to organize, effectively and efficiently lead, and document PHA studies in accordance with local regulatory and industry “best practices” using the HAZOP, What-If, Checklist and other methodologies
  • Learn the techniques and workings that help ensure a successful study
  • Learn about and use software available for documenting PHA studies
  • Obtain useful tools, checklists, and other aids for reference in future PHA studies

  • PSM coordinators/managers, HSE personnel, plant management, O&M personnel
  • Engineers, operations and maintenance staff
  • Others responsible for leading PHA studies

  • A thorough understanding of PHA regulatory requirements and a detailed knowledge of either the HAZOP or What-If study technique


Module 1: What is a PHA?

Module 2: PHA Requirements

Module 3: PHA Concepts 

Module 4: Checklist Analysis

Module 5: What-If Analysis

Module 6: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Module 7: Fault Tree Analysis

Module 8: Event Tree Analysis

Module 9: BowTie Analysis

Module 10: HAZOP – Objective and Scope

Module 11: HAZOP – Nodes

Module 12: HAZOP – Design Intent

Module 13: HAZOP – Deviations

Module 14: HAZOP – Causes

Module 15: HAZOP – Consequences

Module 16: HAZOP – Safeguards

Module 17: HAZOP – Risk Ranking

Module 18: HAZOP – Recommendations

Module 19: HAZOP Documentation/LOPA

Module 20: PHA Revalidation 

Module 21: PHA Planning

Module 22: PHA Team

Module 23: PHA Quality

Module 24: PHA Citations

LIVE Trainer Session with Q&A session and Discussion

Hazard Analysis Method Selection (Discussion Topic)

Risk Matrix Selection or Justification

Handling Difficult Team Members

LIVE Trainer Session on PHA Study Tips and Tricks

LIVE Trainer Session includes Workshops

Final Test

(Optional: Conducting Remote e-PHAs Webinar)

(Optional: Facility Siting)