PSM 311: Bow-Tie Analysis

COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                                  DURATION: 2 Days

This course provides a training on the Bow-tie methodology of risk analysis that pictorially depicts causal relationship in high risk scenarios. It provides a visual representation of all likely incident scenarios around a hazard and identifies the controls that a company could use to control those scenarios. The participants will learn the fundamentals of the methodology and gain hands-on experience on the Bow-Tie XP software.


  • Learn to conduct qualitative risk assessments using this technique
  • Learn to use this technique as an alternative to other practiced compliance methods
  • Hands-on training on the software for Bow-Tie with examples
  • Easy representation of hazards, top events and barriers to present to management

  • PSM Managers and Coordinators
  • Process, Safety and Mechanical Engineers
  • Professionals interested in learning about risk

  • None


Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Risk Management
    • What is Risk?
    • Quantitative vs. Qualitative
  • Industry Safety performance Over Time
  • Bow-Tie History and Methodological parents
  • Overview of Bow-Tie and advantages of Bow-Tie
  • Bow-Tie Methodology
    • Hazards
    • Top Events
    • Threats
    • Consequences
    • Barriers
    • Escalations Factors
Day 2

  •    Barrier Attributes
    •  Accountable
    •  Barrier function and type
    •  Effectiveness
  •  Introduction to Bow-Tie Software
  •  Linking to the management system
  •  Escalation Factor and the management System
  •  Risk Assessments and ALARP
  • Data manipulation, Export & Import
  • Bow-Tie workshop