What Is It?

Under the new Process Safety Management (PSM) regulation implemented for Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand, – “Regulations of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Rules, Procedures and Conditions of Business Operations (No. 4) BE 2559” (ว่าด้วยหลักเกณฑ์ วิธีการ และเงื่อนไขในการประกอบกิจการในนิคมอุตสาหกรรม (ฉบับที่ ๔) พ.ศ. ๒๕๕๙) – effective June 2016, all facilities within the Map Ta PhutIndustrial Estate which meet the following conditions must develop a PSM and Auditing program:

(1)   Processes involving the presence of hazardous chemicals in quantities at any one time equal to or greater than the amount specified in the Hazardous Chemical List attached to this rule.

(2)   Processes involving flammable or combustible liquids with a volume of up to 10,000 pounds (4545 kg) at any one time.

How PSRG Can Help?

PSRG Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Singapore: PSRG), a wholly-owned affiliate of PSRG Inc. (Houston, Texas, United States of America) is pleased to offer our quality, responsive, cost effective professional services to help you comply with the new Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements.

PSRG is pleased to offer the following value-added support services:

1       Process Safety Management “gap analysis” and gap closure based on existing PSM program.

2       Develop and implement a comprehensive PSM program for your facility to meet requirements of Article 29.

3       Review and development and/or improvement of each PSM element to meet requements of Article 29.

4       Conduct Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) using all of the approved methodologies outlined in Article 29/12 (2) (HAZOP, What-if, FMEA, Checklist etc.) by trained and high experienced PSRG facilitators; using PHAPro, PHAWorks, and Leader software, as per request.

5       Facility Siting Analysis in accordance with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEP): API RP 752, API RP 753, and API RP 756.

6       Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) per  CPR 18E Purple Book or CCPS guidelines using PHASTRisk software

7       PSV/RV Analysis in accordance with applicable API, ASME, NFPA, and standard practices, including API 2000, API 520/521, API 537, ASME Section VIII, NFPA 30, and DIERS guidance, as appropriate; using Aspen HYSYS software.

8       Incident Investigation: PSRG has many trained and qualified incident investigators who can lead the investigation for any incidents at your facility using Taproot software.

9       Compliance Audits – PSRG has performed compliance audits to varify your facility’s program meets the requirements of Article 29. Each Gap identified, PSRG provide recommendations for improvement based on Thailand Regulation (Article 29), US Regulation (OSHA PSM 29CFR 1910.119)  as well as Industry Best Practices.

10    Training (Public/ On-site) :  See upcoming Training Schedule


Since 1997, PSRG has worked openly, collaboratively and transparently with our clients, worldwide, to help them comply with local regulatory requirements and attain “world class” performance.  With more than 100 technical professionals averaging 29+ years of experience, PSRG has experience on numerous projects with 700+ Clients in 76 countries.  We strive to exceed your expectations and finish on-time, under budget with highest quality results.

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