PSRG On Site Classroom Training Schedule

Training CoursesDurations (Days)Houston, TXIstanbul, TurkeySingaporeMexico City, Mexico
PSM 101: Developing an Effective Process Safety Management System2Sept 13-14Sep 14-15Oct 10-11Sep 12-13
PHA 102: Principles of Process Hazards Analysis for Team Members2Sep 19-20Sep 15-16Oct 11-12Aug 16-17
PHA 203: PHA Team Leader Training4Sept 12-15Sept 26-29Oct 17-20Aug 15-18
LOPA 104: Layer of Protection Analysis2Sept 21-22Sep 26-27Sep 12-13Aug 29-30
PSM 105: Auditing for Process Safety Management2Oct 17-18Aug 30-31Aug 17-18Sep 12-13
PSM 106: Mechanical Integrity and RAGAGEPs for Process Safety Management3Oct 24-26Sep 14-16Aug 22-24Sep 19-21
PSM 107: Management of Change for Process Safety2Sept 14-15Sep 12-13Aug 29-30Sep 26-27
PSM 108: Incident Investigation2Aug 15-16Sep 26-27Sep 12-13Sep 28-29
PSM 309: Facility Siting2Oct 11-12Sep 14-15Sep 26-27Oct 10-11
PSM 311: Bow-Tie Analysis2Sep 7-8Sep 21-22Aug 16-17Sep 12-13
PSM 113: Human Error Analysis and Human Factors1Sept 7Sep 8Aug 24Sep 7
PSM 315: Inherently Safer Design2Aug 25-26Oct 17-18Aug 30-31Sep 13-14
PSM 216: Quantitative Risk Analysis3Aug 22-24Oct 24-26Sep 26-28Oct 26-28
PSM 317: Safety and Operability Studies on Electrical Power Systems (SAFOPs)2Sep 13-14Oct 19-20Sep 19-20Oct 17-18

PSRG can conduct customized training for 4+ people from the same organization.

For registration, please register 2 weeks in advance prior to the training date.

Please reach out to for more information.