Requirements for Chemical Process Safety Management and Safety Instrumented System Management in China

What Is It?

In 2010, State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) passed the PSM regulation (AQ/T 3034-2010) which consist of 12 elements and is modeled after OSHA PSM regulation (except without the employee participation and trade secret section)

Under the regulation issued by the State Administration of Work Safety on July 2013, ” Guidance on Strengthening the Chemical Process Safety Management,  Supervision and Administration, Division III 2013 No.88” (国家安全监管总局关于加强化工过程安全管理的指导意见,安监总管三201388), the risk identification analysis of production and storage facilities involving key hazardous chemicals, key hazardous chemical processes, and major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals (referred as “two key one major”) are required to perform HAZOP study at least every three (3) years. For other production storage facilities, the risk identification analysis is required every five (5) years by either Safety Checklist, JHA Preliminary Hazard Analysis, FMEA,  HAZOP, or a combination of methods.

Under the regulation issued by the State Administration of Work Safety on Nov.2014, ” Guidance on Strengthening Chemical Safety Instrumented System Management Supervision and Administration, Division III 2014 No.116″ (国家安全监管总局关于加强化工安全仪表系统管理的指导意见,安监总管三2014116), from January 1,2018, for all newly-built chemical installations and hazardous chemical storage facilities involving “two key one major”, Safety Instrumented System (SIS) must be designed to meet the requirements. The requirements apply for other chemical installations and hazardous chemical storage facilities from January 1, 2020.  For any in-service chemical installations and hazardous chemical storage facilities involving “two key one major”, based on a comprehensive Process Hazard Analysis (such as HAZOP), the safety instrument function (SIF) and its risk reduction requirements are determined through risk analysis, and the existing safety instrument function is evaluated as soon as possible to meet the risk reduction requirements. The SIS evaluation and improvement work must be completed before the end of 2019.

How PSRG Can Help?

PSRG Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (Singapore: PSRG), a wholly-owned affiliate of PSRG Inc. (Houston, Texas), is pleased to offer our quality, responsive, cost effective professional services to help you comply with the new China process safety requirements.

PSRG  offers the following value-added support services to China companies:

  • Provide Chairman for conducting Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) using all of the approved methodologies outlined in Guidance No. 88, (5) (HAZOP, FMEA, Checklist etc.)
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Chemical Process Safety Management (PSM) program for your facility to meet requirements of Guidance No.88 and/or AIChE CCPS Risk-Based PSM program (20 elements).
  • Review and develop/improve each Chemical Process Safety Management element (process safety information, risk identification and control, training, mechanical integrity, emergency management, MOC, etc.) to meet requirements of Guidance No.88.
  • Perform PSM “gap analysis” and gap closure based on existing PSM program.
  • Perform SIL determination using Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) or other methods to identify the need for safety instrumented systems (SIS) or other protection layers to reduce the risk.
  • Perform and document SIL verification calculations and prepare Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) using Certified Functional Safety Engineer (CFSE) and exSILentia software to meet the requirement of Guidance No. 116
  • Perform Facility Siting Analysis in accordance with API RP 752, API RP 753, and API RP 756.
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) per CPR 18E Purple Book or CCPS guidelines using PHASTRisk software
  • Perform Emergency Relief System and Flare Analysis in accordance with API 2000, API 520/521, API 537, ASME Section VIII, NFPA 30, DIERS, and other international codes and standards.
  • Conduct Incident Investigation
  • Training (Public/ On-site) : See upcoming Training Schedule

Since 1997, PSRG has worked openly, collaboratively and transparently with our clients, worldwide, to help them comply with local regulatory requirements and attain “world class” performance.  With more than 100 technical professionals averaging 29+ years of experience, PSRG has experience on numerous projects with 800+ Clients in more than 90 countries, including China.  Our PSM personnel in China are fluent in Mandarin.  We have worked with leading companies in China, including Albemarle, BP SECCO, Cargill, FMC, Invista, Shenhua, and others. We strive to exceed your expectations and finish on-time, under budget with highest quality results.

We look forward to having potential opportunities for further discussions with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a free, no obligation consultation.