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Regulatory Requirement

Process hazard analysis is one the element in OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Program OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 and EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) 40CFR68.

Facilities that use, store, or handle highly hazardous chemicals above the thresh hold quantity defined in 29CFR1910.119 Appendix A or EPA 40CFR68 §68.130 are required to evaluate their processes in compliance with the regulation at least every three years.  


Safeguard your future with PSRG’s expert compliance solutions. Our seasoned consultants tackle your mandated OSHA PSM and EPA RMP audits every three years, ensuring complete peace of mind. PSRG can also assist your facility with compliance by performing a Gap Analysis to verify OSHA NEP readiness and where support is needed to obtain the right level of compliance prior to OSHA’s inspection.

Think beyond the checkbox – thorough OSHA PSM and EPA RMP audits go beyond compliance, there are benefits to gain from performing an audit.    

  • Reducing the process safety risk 
  • Reducing frequency or severity of incidents 
  • Assessing management systems 
  • Insurance carrier request 
  • Investigating an incident 

Continual Improvement

Compliance is the floor, not the ceiling.

Process safety audits propel you beyond the minimum, revealing hidden risks and opportunities for improvement. They illuminate the path to a safer future, where the “PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT” cycle fuels a culture of proactive vigilance and continuous improvement. 


Revision of policies and procedures based on lessons learned


Development of written policies and procedures


Procedures and policies are implemented


Evaluation or of auditing of what occurs during the "do" step

PSRG has facilitated hundreds of compliance audits for our clients in a wide range of industries. Our highly qualified and experienced auditors will help and improve safety in your facility, reduce risk to as low as reasonably practical, and bring your facility into compliance with OSHA PSM. 

Experience the PSRG difference. We’ve seen it all, and our auditors are here to elevate your facility’s safety, minimize risks, and ensure seamless OSHA PSM compliance, one audit at a time. 

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