Overpressure Relief Systems and Flare Analysis

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Overpressure Relief Analysis

Pressure relief systems are considered to be the last but critical "Layer of Protection" for hazardous materials/energy containment.

They are essential to prevent unexpected catastrophic incidents including fatalities and severe plant property damages. Documentation of relief system is required by OSHA 1910.119.  


With numerous studies worldwide in the 20+ years, PSRG Inc. offers best in-class approaches and expertise on pressure relief system design/analysis to ensure adherence to the most up-to-date industry codes, standards and best engineering practices in a cost-effective way. 

Services include

Whether it is to identify all potential overpressure hazards, to verify that all equipment/pipelines are adequately protected, to provide engineering solutions for pressure relief system installation, to help evaluate your facility for planning changes, PSRG can help.

Equipment-based Overpressure Contingency Identification
Comprehensive process overpressure checks for all possible overpressure contingencies due to high pressure sources, external heat input, or runaway reaction

Overpressure Scenario Relief Rate Quantification and Pressure Relief Device Adequacy Verification
Strict codes/standards compliance for pressure vessels (API 520/521), low pressure tanks (API 2000), and ammonia process (ANSI/IIAR2)

Flare System Design
Relief device backpressure check, flare heat radiation, flare knock-out drum liquid retention and disengagement time, flame-out dispersion, smokeless capacity, and flare gas purge

Overpressure Hazards Mitigation Engineering
Engineering solutions for relief device inadequacy, unacceptable inlet/outlet pressure drop, improper relief device set pressure, high acoustic induced piping vibration, and etc.

Relief Device Outlet Piping Acoustic Induced Vibration Analysis
Engineering solutions for piping acoustic fatigue failure

Overpressure Relief Analysis for Run-away Reaction
Calorimetric testing for runaway reaction violence, two-phase disengagement analysis, relief fluid properties analysis and relief device sizing

Process Simulation
Heat & mass balance analysis, and dynamic simulation for process unit operations

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