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Apollo Root Cause Software Analysis ™ powered by RC Pro® Software

A Simple and Intuitive Platform To Quickly Define Your Problem, Determine Cause And Effect Relationships And Identify Cost-Effective Solutions.

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Simplify Complexity

Apply the power of a principle-based problem-solving method to provide consistency and drive standardization.

Increase Accessibility

Unlock your company’s potential with easily accessible data built upon an informed history of past events.

Deliver Bottom-Line Results

Maximize your team’s efficiency, prevent costly problems from recurring and stop new problems from ever happening.

By choosing PSRG as your partner, you not only leverage the power of Apollo Root Cause Analysis™, a principle-based problem-solving method, but also benefit from our collaborative expertise with Reality Charting. Our affiliation enhances your problem-solving capabilities through a fusion of Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ and RC Pro® software. This partnership ensures a robust, evidence-based understanding of any problem, leading to effective solutions accepted across your entire organization. Moreover, working with PSRG provides access to our extensive experience and diverse industry knowledge, particularly in problem-solving methodologies like BowTieXP. Our experts bring years of practical insight, enabling you to navigate complex challenges with confidence. Together, we offer a comprehensive approach to problem-solving, integrating the strengths of Apollo Root Cause Analysis™, Reality Charting, and our cross-industry expertise for optimal results.

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