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Your Eyes Below The Surface

Explore the Depths with Confidence: Professional Underwater ROV Solutions

Uncover a world of possibilities beneath the surface with an advanced underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). These Norwegian-designed and -built ROVs are renowned for their reliability, user-friendliness, and ability to provide seamless access to subaquatic environments.

Unmatched Performance

Designed, developed, produced, and serviced in Norway: We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges of underwater operations and ensure our ROVs meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Reliable and user-friendly: Our ROVs are built for ease of use and come equipped with intuitive controls, making them ideal for both experienced operators and those new to the technology.

Frictionless access: Gain unparalleled insights into submerged environments with our ROVs, overcoming limitations posed by traditional diving methods.

Experience the Power of Blueye

PSRG is a registered Blueye Partner: We offer the full range of Blueye underwater drones, known for their compact size, maneuverability, and high-resolution imaging capabilities.

Complimentary live demo and pricing: Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration and discuss pricing options tailored to your specific needs.

Remote Inspections Made Easy

Simple and convenient booking: Reach out to us via email or our website form to schedule a live demo at your convenience.

Global reach: Participate in inspections from anywhere in the world by viewing the live stream directly on your computer.

Real-time collaboration: Utilize the combined power of Microsoft Teams and the Blueye app to collaborate with internal and external parties during inspections.

Expert guidance: Our experienced drone operators will guide the Blueye drone through the underwater environment, providing you with clear and insightful footage.

The Blueye Pioneer

The Blueye X1

The Blueye X3

Depth rating150 m / 492 ft300 m / 1000 ft300 m / 1000 ft
Compatible tether lengths75 m / 150 m / 250 m75 m / 150 m / 250 m75 m / 150 m / 250 m
Price point$$$$$$
Comaptible with Standard Battery (99 Wh / 2 h)
Comaptible with High Capacity Battery (212 Wh / 5 h)
Free and frequent software updates
Compatible with Android and iOS
Free support from Blueye Engineers
CE certified
HD Camera with high light sensitivity
Tiltable Camera
Compatible with gripper
Compatible with all external equipment

Ready to take the plunge?

Contact PSRG today to request a digital demonstration and discover how our professional underwater ROV solutions can empower your subaquatic endeavors.

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